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Armstrong Foils NEW XPS A Wing, All Sizes 2.6m, 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m, 4.6m, 5.3m, 6.1m

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Armstrong Foils XPS A Wing, All Sizes 2.6m, 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m, 4.6m, 5.3m, 6.1m (DEMOS INSTORE CONTACT NICK)


'm super excited about this release! I have been riding a proto XPS wing for the last month and can honestly say this wing is a game-changer! On top of that, I'm told the final is still much better than what I have. I can't wait. 


It points far higher, tacks WAY better and has a fantastic wind range. The handles are super comfortable and give great direct control without the weight of rigid handles. 


It pumps you to foil so easily. I'm 88kg, and my biggest board is 60L, and i mainly ride in MA1000 in almost all conditions. I tried the 6m in virtually no wind and could pump that MA1475 up using the wing. I would 100% money back that you will love his wing. I'm happy to chat more if you want to give me a call 0212891660 or email me "


PS Here are some shots of me on it a few weeks back in Fiji.



Whether it’s freeriding, wave riding or freestyle, the all new A-Wing XPS delivers next generation performance, power and control. We recruited some of the world’s leading wing and kite designers to push this shape to the next level. Each aspect of the new A-Wing XPS was tirelessly thought out, tested and finely tuned in a wide range of riding conditions.

An innovative cross panel sail (XPS) design provides an outstanding level of connection when riding. This futuristic panel layout greatly reduces sail distortion by improving load distribution and frame rigidity. This gives all the wing sizes a very direct and controlled feel for easy and comfortable flying.

The XPS’s airfoil section combined with our pre-twist tip geometry, produces incredible speed with sublime upwind performance. This greatly benefits jump amplitude for freestyle manoeuvres and delivers plenty of hang time and float for smooth landings. This wing is also a wave rider’s dream with little to no luffing or sail flutter and excellent stability, allowing the rider to focus less on the wing and more on shredding the wave.

We tested hundreds of individual materials during the development of the XPS. We settled on the new generation high quality lightweight Dacron, tried and tested polyester Dacron and Ultra PE woven laminate (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) for key reinforcements. The result is a highly refined combination of materials which delivers impressive strength to weight, durability and overall performance.

Sizes: /  2.6m / 3.0m / 3.5m / 4.0m / 4.6m  / 5.3m / 6.1m


Wing Weights

  • 2.6m: 3.9Lbs (1.76 Kg)
  • 3.0m: 4.2Lbs (1.90 Kg)
  • 3.5m: 4.4Lbs (2 Kg)
  • 4.0m: 4.6Lbs (2.08 Kg)
  • 4.6m: 5.0Lbs (2.26 Kg)
  • 5.3m: 5.5Lbs (2.5 Kg)
  • 6.1m: 6Lbs (2.72 Kg)

Package Includes:

  • XPS Wing
  • Bag
  • Wrist Leash
  • Extra Battens
  • Repair Kit