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INSTOCK = This is At our store in Orewa Auckland and ready to ship or pick up the same day.  If driving from a while away, always call ahead to confirm.  Ph +649427552

IN WAREHOUSE = This is loaded, so you can do a custom order.  But there are hundreds of boards available EX Aussie from the Pyzel warehouse, so if you are looking at a common new model, it's likely that we can order ex-stock for you.  It will be stock glassing, fins lay up and tail.  If that happens, you have two options.  Add it to our next Sea Freight order at no extra charge that could take anywhere from 3-8 weeks, depending on when you order and the shipping cycle, or we can express airship it at $75 extra, which takes around ten working days.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our store.


Ordering a custom board is by far the best way to get a new board.  It may take a little longer, but it comes around pretty quickly, and the end result is a board precisely as you wanted it.


When ordering a custom, we will take a $200 deposit and finalise the price, all dims, fins and glassing with you.  Once the order is placed, we cannot cancel or change or refund the deposit.  Upon arriving in NZ, the final balance is payable.  This must be paid within 14 days, or the board will be onsold and the deposit lost.  If for any reason, the board is not made as per your confirmation, we will refund or remake it without question, but this is very rare.  If you are ordering online and do not want to pay all at once, please either pay using direct deposit and only make the $200 deposit or Call Nick 0212891660 and we can manually invoice you.  ALL Pyzel orders done online will be followed up by a Phone call to confirm everything and discuss glassing, fins and dims.


Custom Dim's and Glassing are at no extra charge unless you use a special glassing option on a gun etc.  Standard on most boards is 4/4/4 Glassing, but 4/6/4 is VERY popular for people ordering boards over 80kgs.  The weight difference is marginal for an everyday surfer, and they last significantly better on the deck.  The 6oz is a patch over the deck with 4oz base and 4oz top lapping the rails with 8oz of glass.  Changing fin layup is also popular.  If you are never going to surf that board as a Quad, then you can remove the quad rear fins that come with many boards like the phantom & ghost.  Removing fins dramatically reduces weight and drag.  We can work with you and create a custom shape to match your required volume.  This is popular again at no extra cost and managed by Pyzels Head Shaper.  Creating a full custom adds 2-3 weeks to get it all done, but for advanced surfers well worth it.  Sprays and colours are available but start at around $150.  The best way to choose a spray or graphic is to google image 


All Pyzel Surfboards are custom-made in Australia using the highest quality blanks and materials.  Shipping is hard and now, post covid so plan ahead. If you know you have a boat trip next winter, then order now.  We can always push the delivery out.  It's far better to get your new board and surf it a bunch before taking it away.  Custom boards will be brand new, fresh white, and have your name 'Shaped for XXX' on the bottom in most cases.  That alone is a great feeling when owning a board.

SAVE ON A COMBO DEAL: Buying a new board? Why not make it a combo, just use the relevant promo code at the checkout.  Please note we review all combos and if there is a better option, or wrong fitting item ie bag or leash, then we will make contact and check if you want to change that item.  Otherwise, the best way to get advice on boards is by phone 094279552 ext 2 10-5pm 7 Days and we can chat while you scroll online.

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*Combo will apply to accessories on the surf website like bags, grip, leash, fins and wetsuits.  The discount will not work with other discounted items or with the board purchased.

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Pyzel Surfboards started in a backyard shaping room on the North Shore of Oahu around 1995 or so, and has evolved to become one of the leading surfboard companies in the world. Jon Pyzel grew up in Santa Barbara, California, started surfing in high school and quickly found his passion. Matt Moore started shaping his boards and put him on his team. Matt always helped explain the ideas and principles of surfboard design and let Jon watch him shape all his boards. After travelling for surf, Jon realized he wanted bigger waves, warmer water and made a permanent move to Oahu’s North Shore in 1992. He found work fixing dings at Country Surfboards, and quickly learned the ins and outs of the art, working as a hot coater. He soon connected with Jeff Bushman, who gave him guidance, input, and encouragement. Eventually, Jeff gave Jon a job as his back-shaper and that was the beginning of his shaping career.

All Pyzel Surfboards that come into New Zealand are made in Pyzels Gold Coast Factory.