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Curve know surfing. We know the highs. We know the lows. We've scored perfection by hiking over to the next bay, stacked boards till the car roof dents, and seen them bounced by baggage handlers. We’ve slept in boardbags to wake up to surf on our doorstep. We've been there and we've loved it and we've learned. And its made us want to make surf gear better. To discuss, develop, test and design a better way. We are a proudly Kiwi company who likes to challenge the “cookie cutter” surf companies based on the inspiration we get from surfing in New Zealand and making stuff better. By coming up with solid practical gear tweaked with clever features that have been refined over a decade of commitment to hardcore Kiwi surfers, and how we travel. Our mantra: “he travels lightest and with the least damage, wins”. Whether biking to your local or jetting to tropical paradise, Curve gear will get you there. Seek.find.surf.