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armstrong foils

Armstrong Foils was created by Armie Armstrong right here in New Zealand. An Armstrong design is a no compromise design. Through better engineering, perfect material selection, attention to detail in every aspect and meticulous manufacturing, each product is simply the best money can buy and will last longer and perform perfectly throughout its life.
If you have any questions about our range of Armstrong Foils, message us on live chat or give us a ring on 09 427 9552 - we're happy to help.

Armstrong Foil Size Guide HERE

Armstrong Foil Manual HERE

Armstrong Board Size Guide HERE

Armstrong Wind Wing Size Guide HERE

Armstrong Wind Wing User Manual HERE


What is Foil Boarding?

A foil board is a surfboard with an attached hydrofoil (or a fin with wings) that extends below the water. The design causes the board to lift out of the water so that the rider stands a few feet in the air as it moves through the water.

What are the different ways to foil?

  • Surf foil: Just like surfing but riding the foil on the waves.
  • SUP foil: Just like Stand Up Paddle surf but riding the foil in the waves.
  • Downwind foil: Using strong wind and swell to ride the foil down wind.
  • Kite foil: Kitesurfing using a foil.
  • Wake foil: Like wakeboarding behind a boat but with a foil.
  • Tow in wave foil: Similar to Tow in wave surfing but with a foil.
  • Wing foil: This new sport uses a small hand held wing which produces enough power to ride the foil.
  • Windsurf foil: Same as windsurfing but with a foil attached to the board.

What’s the difference between Armstrong’s ‘CF’ and ‘HS’ foil kits?

Armstrong’s foil kits fall into two different styles: HS and CF.

CF’ stands for ‘carving freeride’. The carving freeride kits are designed to get you up and flying on the foil easily. Extremely stable yet rips turns rail to rail like a dream. If you want carvability and ultimate stability, then look no further.

HS’ stands for ‘high speed’. The high speed kits are super stable, responsive and with great glide make it the choice for carving turns or shredding waves. Developed from the ultra-successful carving freeride range, the HS kits are the logical step for progressive riders wanting to take their riding to the next level.

How much does shipping cost?

Free express shipping to Australia (excluding boards, contact us for pricing) and standard shipping pricing to all other countries. 

Does this product come with a warranty?

Yes, all of Armstong’s products come with a 12 month warranty covering any major material or manufacturer defects.